If you have a startup business, that extra bedroom in the back of your house may be the ideal location to start off with. However, if you have any thoughts regarding growth, it is important to find shared office space that will provide the professional image you need to find success in the super-competitive business world.

Even shared office space comes with a good deal of expenses, which means if you have limited capital to work with, you should be careful and find a space where you will receive the most services and features for your dollar. When you take time to find the right shared office space for your business, it will prove to be a smart and beneficial investment down the road for your business.

When you begin searching for shared office space, consider the following factors and features:cheap office space

The Location of the shared Office Space

There is no question that if you choose an office in a prime business location, it is going to cost a bit more than another, less known area. Consider questions such as whether or not you really need to be next to an airport or if you rely on walk in traffic for success. If so, investing in this prime location will be well worth it, as your business will likely thrive.

Infrastructure is a key When Choosing a shared Office Space

There is no question that without the Internet, very few businesses would be able to function. This means that the facility that you are considering using needs to have the space, as well as the adequate power for the equipment that you need for the day to day running of your business.

Square Footage

A general rule of thumb when you are searching for shared office space is that you should try to acquire from 125 up to 225 square feet of space for each person that will be in the office. This will help you ensure that once you move you can work efficiently in the space.

Potential for Growth

Chances are you do not want your business to stop growing, therefore you need to located shared office space that can accommodate this potential growth.

The team at the Executive Suites of Minnesota will be able to help you find the right shared office space.


June 12th, 2016

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