What are the secrets to coming across as a confident and engaging presenter every time you speak?

For most of us, we know an interesting and exciting speaker when we see him or her, but how do we project those same qualities when we speak?

In 30 minutes you’ll get a solid review of the four most important delivery skills you need to come across as a dynamic speaker. Whether you present to small groups or large audiences, your delivery is directly linked to how effective you are. With this session you’ll be able to evaluate your delivery and you’ll have the techniques to challenge yourself to go to the next level of speaking excellence. To increase your understanding of what it means to be a polished presenter, we have included examples of real speakers learning these techniques. Come ready to challenge yourself in these four areas: Movement, Gestures, Clarity, and Executive Presence.

  • When you leave this session you will have learned:
  • Two techniques to come across more commanding and engaging the moment you step in front of the audience
  • The eleven most common business gestures and how to incorporate them to create more energy
  • How to create open body language
  • A technique to eliminate the verbal “fillers” that make you sound less confident


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August 22nd, 2016

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